What do conveyancing attorneys do?

What do conveyancing attorneys do?
2019-02-15 SuproNet

Typically there are 3 conveyancing attorneys involved in a transaction for the transfer of property from the seller to the purchaser.

These conveyancing attorneys are known as the transferring attorney, bond attorney and bond cancellation attorney.

The transferring attorney is the attorney that attends to the registration of the property at the Deeds Office into the name of the purchaser. This attorney is in charge of the transaction and is responsible for communicating with the bond attorney, bond cancellation attorney, banks, SARS, relevant local authority and bond corporate/homeowner’s association.

The bond attorney is instructed by the bank to attend to the registration of the purchaser’s bond at the Deeds Office.

The bond cancellation attorney is also appointed by the bank and is responsible for the registration of the cancellation of the sellers existing bond facility at the Deeds Office.