What can you expect from your conveyancer?

What can you expect from your conveyancer?
2019-02-15 SuproNet

The Conveyancer should:

  • protect the interest of his client’s. Although the Conveyancer is usually appointed by the seller, the Conveyancer acts in the best interest of both seller & purchaser. Should a dispute that results in litigation arise the Conveyancer needs to advise both parties to obtain alternate legal counsel;
  • inform the parties of the conveyancing procedure and keep the them informed of the progress of the transaction;
  • advise on the content of the Offer to Purchase, especially regarding suspensive conditions;
  • in respect of the cancellation of the sellers bond advise on, any penalties, notice periods and other administrative charges which may affect the settlement figure;
  • do everything in his power to register the transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible;
  • ensure in as far as possible that the transfer is not delayed;
  • prepare the deeds for lodgement with care, to minimise the risk of rejection of the documentation by the Deeds Office;
  • inform the parties of registration of the transfer on the day of registration;
  • once registered provide the parties with confirmation of registration, final statement of account and proof of payment (where applicable).